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tv   Headline News  RT  July 29, 2014 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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really. what's inside the. breaking news on r t e.u. members have officially announced a new barrage of sanctions against russia targeting all the sectors of the country's economy including energy in the sense. graphic images emerge from residential areas in eastern ukraine with a care home for elderly people coming under deadly army shelling but claims emerging matthew training army is using heavy ballistic rockets. the u.s. secretary of state says kiev is ready to bring about a truce in eastern ukraine that's while finding in the area run the malaysian plane crash site leaves foreign police on experts stranded.
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israel fulfills its threat delivered devastating strikes in gaza with one hundred civilians killed in attacks from land and sea in one day alone the palestinian authorities are now offering a day long call to. live from our new center here in moscow twenty four hours a day you are watching r t international my names even in only a welcome we start breaking news the e.u. has reached a deal on a new package of wide ranging sanctions against russia the restrictions target entire sectors of the country's economy peter all over his more details for us from berlin. the e.u. has announced the new wide ranging sweeping sanctions
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a joint statement from the president of the european council herman van rompuy the president of the european commission jose manuel barroso says that these sanctions are designed to send a clear message and warning to russia now the form that they'll take is looking at individual sectors of the russian economy and putting sanctions on them the main ones are going to be concerning energy where russia will be restricted its access to technology in financial sector where they'll be russia will be blocked from accessing russian banks will be blocked from accessing e.u. funding and in defense where both imports and exports of russian arms will be banned no deals that have already been struck including the deal between france and russia for two helicopter. ships two helicopter base ships and that will go ahead as planned but no fresh deals will be announced also included in the latest barrage of sanctions will be new inclusions on the so-called black list for individual
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sanctions eight more individuals in three companies if being added to that list now will find out exactly the wording of these new sanctions on the thirty first of july when they're when they're published on their plan to come into effect on the first of all gets to be reviewed after three months. so let's take a more in-depth look at the sectors of the russian economy that will be affected firstly the new restrictions are targeting the financial sector with the country's main and old the spying in the firing line on this will leave of course the majority of russians affected secondly the sanctions will hit the energy industry as well it's well known of course how important the oil and gas market is to moscow just last year and earned more than two hundred billion dollars selling its fuel supplies to europe now on top of the defense sector is apparently being slapped with an embargo an arms. it's and then were worth more than fifteen billion dollars last year while it all signs threatening for moscow the sanctions are also sending
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shivers across big business in germany the alert being sounded over a possible significant slump in its six billion euro worth of experts exports to russia it's thought the sanctions may cause a near twenty percent reduction berlijn has a lot to lose while the e.u. punishes russia with germany being one of its largest trading partners last year trade between the two countries amounted to run seventy six billion euro six thousand german companies have business in russia at the moment and three hundred thousand german jobs are dependent on economic ties with moscow economist michael morales believes sanctions will backfire and germany will be among those worst that when you talk to the people on the street when you talk to people who have one of business. executives in a big company there are not for the sanctions i can tell this to you because sanctions never
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a one way street you have always action to ascension and when it comes to this imposed sanctions all the sanctions will be imposed on russia then of course the germans are the ones who are suffering most it's easy for united states to shop for sanctions but the ones who are suffering are the germans or those countries who are close to russia because they naturally have the biggest business implications. ukrainian forces are closing in on government strongholds in the country's east with civilians increasingly being caught up in the assault more graphic images are emerging from residential areas in the hubs of the kiev resistance which have come under army shelling the following video contains graphic images this is a care home for the elderly in the city. apparently after this pounded by shells five people there were killed in that army strike and eight injured according to local officials they also said medical university a clinic and several residential houses have come under fire as well that's despite
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kiev's earlier pledges not to target densely populated areas during what it calls its terror operation. and these are the pictures from the art skirts of the regional capital donetsk which is the main stronghold of government forces partly several residential houses were damaged by heavy bombardment overnight locals there have been left devastated by the ongoing fighting i mean if i were you said you know what more you still got to go when you get this morning. do you have to you go look lucian. on the run the malaysian plane crash site is caught up in the violence as well
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despite do you crimean president ordering a no combat so in there in the wake of the tragedy earlier we were receiving news local militias may halt cooperation with european monitors who are reportedly demanding them to bring in they have ripped off the allegations as are. reports. and tiki of forces and safety of the government and he certainly crane have been refuted all of the geishas that they're stopping cooperation with the always see earlier someone uses agency reported that the self-defense forces are celtic operation because they are accusing the always see awful working with the ukrainian government and the united states while that is absolutely not true actually i always see monitors including its email international experts have expressed their gratitude to to the self-defense forces in eastern ukraine for providing full access and security ad the crash site but here is what represents
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have all the fans governments in eastern ukraine had to say about this there are situations it doesn't come up with a little. culturing cooperation with vo a c eight their representative today and they have very big problems because they're afraid to enter the crash site because the ukrainian forces are actively waging military operations in the area despite the demands issued by the un security council and civilians continue to. skin the suburbs of the scans in other parts of eastern ukraine and of course near the crash site and this old contradicts said the decision by france president build up of sankoh to create a forty kilometer no combat zone around the crash of flight m h s seventeen now or in terms of civilian deaths city all fog or left which is a very close to the nats well they claim around thirty one people have died in the last couple of days alone eight of those people were children and people are being
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evacuated from that city right now and one of those buses that was evacuating their residence was in a town of shots are sick about fifteen seventeen kilometers away from the sites off the crash now another child had died there and that's well for people were wounded and always see the mission and the international team often experts have not been able to get to the crash site for the third day in a row already and once again this all contradicts the decision by the about a shuttle to create a no combat zone around the crash site now we've got some breaking news here in our to international the u.s. has imposed fresh sanctions on more russian companies including a ship building company on several banks it's been announced by america's treasury department and president obama is expected to make a statement on further sanctions against moscow any minute from the white house lawn we'll be keeping you updated on when any developments occur there.
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the ukrainian army has used ballistic rockets against local militia the news recently broken by c.n.n. at the same time the u.s. secretary of state said kiev was ready for a cease fire are reports from washington d.c. c.n.n. has cited u.s. officials saying that kiev has fired ballistic short range missiles at the rebels in eastern ukraine and those are very serious weapons there are scarce reports as to the effect that it had on the ground secretary kerry however has earlier held a news conference with the ukrainian foreign minister and neither of them mentioned secretary kerry said ukraine is ready to accept a mutual cease fire and is ready for a dialogue with the separatists but when the ukrainian foreign minister spoke about the ceasefire about the possibility of a cease fire he said it would be possible if the transportation of weapons from russia stops and russia as you know denies supplying weapons to the rebels so in
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this environment of mutual accusations and mutual demands it did not sound like an initiative to have a cease fire tomorrow to have a cease fire right away and secretary kerry also said president putin can make a huge difference by exerting pressure on the rebels also there are reports that the u.s. may announce additional sanctions on russia today but secretary kerry did not give such a timeframe the u.s. has accused of violating laws dating back to the 1980's washington c russia has breached the nuclear arms treaty signed with the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred seven by testing and growing launch cruise missile a former german defense official says it's just another way of making my school look like a guilty party. and ongoing throughout all of it because asians against russia they tried to blame it on every morning of leaving evil united.
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nations and they tried to get public and so was accustomed to blaming it on and this shows to be able peons that the international relations obviously poisoned indy's. ok we're just going back to the breaking news the u.s. has imposed fresh sanctions on more russian companies including a ship building company and several banks we believe bank of. bank an agricultural bank well it's been a nine spy america's treasury department to president obama has been making a statement on further sanctions against moscow we'll be keeping you updated on his updates and when he speaks. we're going to be back in a minute time stay with us. this
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is the media lead us so we leave the. oceans to your. party there's a bill. that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politics. if you drive people away from the dollar many people now it must be sitting there saying gosh if we have u.s. dollars and the u.s. decides they don't like us they're going to put sanctions on us so people more and more people would say maybe i should use the u.s. dollar.
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so. ok we'll be returning to those sanctions by the u.s. government shortly but first we're going to go to israel because hamas has rejected a call from the palestinian leadership for a twenty four hour truce. after israel delivered on its overnight promised to deal a devastating strike on palestine the territory suffered one of the bloodiest nights of its really bombardments after tel aviv warned of a protracted campaign there one hundred people have been killed today as attacks continued into the evening. in. one of their utility.
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pole. lengthening campaign inevitably means rising numbers of dead which are already struggling more than eleven hundred people most of them civilians and children have been killed in that campaign so far while israel has lost more than fifty soldiers and three civilians as well and one of the latest attacks on the refugee camp was one that caused a spike in the death toll our correspondent sent us an eyewitness video from this scene this is it. kill nine children decapitation one man and severely wounding another but the i.d.f. denied it was involved claiming it was at. a mosque or a fear reports from the heart of the country. so extraordinary scenes where the fled as drops by the israeli military vos neighborhoods of gaza smoke
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crossed the skyline an extraordinary number of flags it was an extraordinary scene it almost was not like the night and more here we've seen significant strikes overnight people have called some of the instance massacres just north of here about two minutes drive from seoul the demolition of the home of the gaza prime minister ismail haniya five minutes drive from here we saw attacks we believe after sixteen strikes on the top of the al sure route a media building on the top floor is hamas says t.v. station we also saw just a few hours ago the targeting of basically gaza's main and only power station and this is. now it's going to. plunge the electricity crisis of already very severe. downward trend we've been looking at the plight of those caught up injured and displaced as the hostilities continue it's meant to be
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a time of celebration the beginning of the islamic. population its children are entirely deprived of stability and security. and. power lies to live on like a mother and two sisters killed in braids. the seven year old thought she died when she woke up with no feeling in her legs their kids they don't have any guns they don't have any they have lived a dream i want to play i want to go to. i want to have a big. their children what they his if. for this country just along the corridor. wait says his son undergoes surgery having lost a hand in the attacks his pregnant wife lost their baby to top it off like hundreds of others they also lost their homes totally destroyed in strikes on the
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neighborhood palestinians are in every way fatigued by this war it's bitterly felt during the supposed holy days now palestinians call this the martyrs harry fear r.t. . but before sharing gaza with rockets israel dropped leaflets instructing palestinians to leave their homes and take shelter but most people didn't have enough time to flee or simply refused to do so in israel some right wing demonstrators also appeared to be celebrating the grief of gases. oh. they're watching demonstration television singing football like chants of partly in support of the offensive earlier along a stein from the u.s. really foreign ministry told my colleague neil harvey she thinks palestinians have
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made the wrong choice in buckingham us. to even have a running joke saying do they understand the word cease fire or maybe it was lost in translation cease fire means cease fire and they kept firing rockets so we are going to cease fire the un said it should be done with ration of egypt we are very open to that so we don't have an argument with the international community and you will prime minister says that israel will act aggressively and responsibly until this mission is completed do you think that killing civilians is responsible the people in gaza could have had amazing freedom we counted the number of cash that was put into the terror ten dollars it's one point twenty five billion dollars with that amount of money they could have had a hospital they could have three malls they could have had twenty schools they could have had so much economy going on but they decided to put it into tunnels where terror supposed to bring terrorists into israel they are doing it using these children this human shields but when you consider that girls are so densely
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populated even at the best of times and it can be almost impossible to accurately identify the people you are trying to hit with these missiles and there are always going to be innocent victims sometimes we abort missions we show footage how sometimes a person tells the pilot aboard the mission we cannot we have civilians we abort missions when we know there are children around we truly do everything possible not to harm that but when they actually physically use them as a human shield well that's what happens unfortunately. also neal earlier interviewed former israeli earth force officer uli novak she told him why the actions of the armed forces turned her from a period to a critic of her native country i think that. to make a phone call or send a message or drop a tiny bomb minutes before you. destroy an entire house and to think that the fact that we noticed them five or ten minutes before is enough to sentence
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five or ten or twenty five people to death is something in the world. i don't think that even times of war we can do with every whatever we want without boundaries when somebody speaks out against the actions of the government you have there always be some people who consider you in some way to be betraying your native country what is the public reaction to what you've had to say and do you worry about any of the repercussions the reaction as you probably know in here. are not very gentle but i'm not sure it's only the public we see when our officials you know government needs to know government calls to raise. flatten whole neighborhoods in gaza. this is sort of violence that. have to you know to be drawn down to the people so the sentiment these days are very hard it's hard to make any criticism these days in the israel but they do
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believe that this is our obligation as the israelis who care about our future to make those statements and speak out. over an r.t. dot com we've got more updates social media reaction as well the latest pictures from the on rest you can get it as always just a click away. migrant workers in quite tara who helped build premises for world cup twenty twenty two officials are still waiting to be paid off for a year all while having to endure a conditions described as inhumane and they were literally trapped in the gulf state as they can only leave with the permission of their employer britain's guardian newspaper has conducted an investigation and hired foreign workers are finding themselves trapped in modern day slavery this is some of the things they
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find up to ten men have to squeeze into tiny rooms with on some wintry conditions and power cuts the norm that's while working sixty seven days a week for ten hours in scorching heat many have reportedly died of strokes and cardiac arrest investigation also discovered their paperwork is a legally taken from them a new meat medical care is provided salaries have been paid only for the first few months then the money stops sharyn bureau from the international trade union confederation believes other governments have chosen to turn a blind eye to the situation. look at tower is a slave state it some more than days state you are on by one person so your contract is signed before you leave your home country but when you get to get to the employer can often simply tear it up or not how you weigh this or treat you in any oppressive way they like work as above desperate for working poor
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countries so most of these migrants are from the poll india the philippines parts of africa and i don't understand because nobody tells them what they will face when they get ticket. it's not given enough attention by international governments companies governments they can say thank you we don't want to work with you until you change the words until you abolish the foulest system until you've put in place fundamental like the right. time for more news there from iran the world a fire at an oil depot which supplies the airport in the libyan capital tripoli has continued to rage for a second day it was struck in crossfire between militias battling for control of the euro fueled the blazes are spreading to a second to oil center libya's interim government appeal for international help to extinguish the inferno saying the fire could trigger a humanitarian and environmental disaster in the city. voices of
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filipinos who protest the president's state of the nation address in several cities across the country demonstrators said his speech gave many false facts the crying corruption in government and constitutional violations police used water come in to disperse the crowd but i preached protestors continued shouting slogans asking for affordable and adequate social services the president is currently facing three separate impeachment charges. now as to harvest. since known as the islamic state of iraq sink their teeth deeper into iraq and syria a pro islamist rally being held right in the middle of europe a rally in support of a detained dutch jihadist recruiter was deemed legitimate by the hague city council demonstrator showed up the semitic slogans and called on european muslims to join the wars in syria and iraq locals now i want to see the city's mayor sacked geo political analyst william angle believes this is just another indication of
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a worrying trend gaining from. it and there are large muslim communities throughout europe and germany was. at least seven million. in the muslim faith their organization it's a jihad is for evolution to try to recruit from young muslim youth a certain way and in holland with these dutch demonstrations of voices i question the sanity of the dutch government for allowing it in the first place the very fact that they allow this on the demonstrators who were chanting death to the jews quite loudly streets of a european country is this really a wake up call what's what's going on here. his battles are on in iraq and syria the group is now trying to expand its influence it's now opened an office for registering women willing to mari it's militants read more about this story on our website. on the deadly disease ebola that could spread into the u.k.
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had to r t dot com to find out more about doctors warnings about. a reminder of our breaking news story here in r.t. international the u.s. is impose sanctions on more russian companies including several banks president obama is expected to speak shortly on a new package of sanctions against moscow's you're watching live pictures from outside the white house we will be bringing you obama's statement life here in twenty four seven or thirty international until then catch up with the kaiser report do stay with us and i'll see you shortly. you surely know where you.
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